In SUNDEAR, Quality control system in two part. For IR lamp & IR heater

1-1 Select material

All material before enter in our warehouse , have to pass the strict checking from our quality department ,Ensure the quality guarantee

1-2 Empty quartz lamp

Checking items including size tolerance ,appearance ,high temperature resistance test ect ...

1-3 Resistance wire

All resistance wire are 100% electrically tested .NO uneven heating

Daily output resistance wire 50,000pcs

Resistance wire material form OCR25AL5, NI23AL3..... also provide customized product

1-4 Assemble IR quartz lamp & testing during production

100% test each quartz IR lamp

Each of quartz IR lamp 100% electrically tested , ensure the voltage and power within international standard tolerance .+5%-10%. During this test, also find out the inside Eisenstein resistence wire is 100% correct wire average

1-5 Life span test

Professional testing lab

Test way 1 : Increasing 1.35 times voltage working for 500 hours

Test way 2 :Increasing the voltage to 1.2 times 10minutes on ,5minutes off ,200hours cycle