*SUNDEAR (HEYUAN XINDA QUARTZ HOME APPLIANCE CO,.LTD ) was start producing simple quartz at 1995

*At 2003 become the biggest manufacturer for milky/opaque IR quartz lamp.Increasing to 5 stoves ,6 production lines for assemble IR quartz lamp. Daily output with 50,000pcs

*Now SUNDEAR product extend to infrared heater in 2009 . Open 4 new line for infrared heater ,Staff development to 400 people .In the same time we established new factory with 20,000 square meters

* We are innovative company which focus on infrared heating industrial, during the pass 20 years, Sundear develop vertical used quartz heating tube, which using oxidation treatment. The quartz heating tube are wide range using at infrared heater industry . With this technology is helping create energy saving heat efficiency product

*With 20+ years rich experience working in infrared heating filed, SUNDEAR is keep moving to produce new efficiency product.

Stritly Quality Control System

SUNDEAR is ISO 9001 accredited for production facility . Our company additionally operates under its own quality policy.