Quartz Heater Tube

Structure of quartz heating tube

Type of ceramic insulators, Customized size is available Different color quartz glass tube, milky quartz tube, half-transparent quartz tube, clear quartz tube, ruby quartz tube, yellow quartz tube Different type of terminals to suit your needed, with rivet connection or welding

Infrared quartz heating tube features

Quartz heating tube is resist to 1300’C high temperature.

Highly resist to strong alkali and strong acid.

Small expansion coefficient

With 5000-1000 hours lifespan. (by Kanthal resistance wire)

Oxidation treatment at resistance wire

With thermal treatment of heating wire and let the quartz heating tube in any working position, life guarantee with 10,000 hours.

Strictly quality control system, 100% inspection in each tube working well before package.

By 1.3 times voltage continued work with 500 hours in testing lab, make sure all tubes working life span more than 5000 hours

For customized product is available, please send your technical drawing or product picture for quotation.